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Products & Services

Plants for the Minerals Industry

The long-years experienced of our employees in different areas of plant design is the foundation to be able to offer practice oriented solutions for our customers. Our service range from conceptual design, about the detail engineering up to the realization of plant units or complete plants.




For a number of processes of mineral resources treatment, ZEMDES can offer customized solutions, also in collaboration with renowned institutes and universities. Thereby proven technologies were applied advanced and newly developed processes as well as with our partners. Particularly in the field of pyroprocessing systems, the specific know-how of our employees for this processes is the basis for the design of optimal process flows.



In the field of pyroprocessing systems, we can offer directly or indirectly heated rotary kilns and single or multistage cyclone heat exchanger. Rotary kilns are used, particularly in systems where powder or coarse-grained products can be treated at high temperatures (up to 1.600 °C). In cyclone heat exchangers can thermally treated powder or fine-grained materials are in a gas stream at low to medium temperatures (up to 900 °C).



Depending on the application and the requirements on the applied technological processes, we design the equipment itself or construct and manufacture the equipment as per the specification or our customers.




A short overview of our services:


  • Project management
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Technical negotiations with sub-suppliers
  • Manufacturing inspections
  • Supervision of erection
  • Support during commissioning



… which are included of course in turn-key projects at the scope of services of the plant engineers, we also offer that as independent service for our customers. Whether as an addition to own projects or as independent service in case of external projects, we always bring up the whole experience of a established plant engineer in our customers' projects.


Projects for Minerals Industry:



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