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Rotary Kiln



Basis of any dimensioning of a ZEMDES-Rotary Kiln are, in addition to the experience of the engineers, the laboratory analysis of raw materials and fuels, and realization of small-scale burning tests.



By using modern precalcining process in context with an optimal thermic complete solution, rotary kilns can be dimensioned considerably smaller despite high throughputs.



In plants with precalcining process, the 2-support rotary kiln is now the standard solution. ZEMDES provides the 2-support rotary kiln with 16 different diameters of 3.00 m to 6.00 m. The length / diameter ratio (L/DI ratio) is about 13.




ZEMDES can provide the 2-support rotary kiln to an L/DI ratio of 15. If this value is exceeded, then the 3-support rotary kiln is the technically and economically better solution.



The 3-support rotary kiln has a L/DI ratio of about 17 by same diameteras as the 2-support rotary kilns.



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