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Plants for the Cement Industry

The city of Dessau is a traditional industrial location and a cradle of the cement plant engineering. Following this tradition ZEMDES delivers complete plants, plant units and individual equipments for the cement industry. As plant engineer, our range includes the reconstruction and expansion of capacity of existing plants, up to the new construction of complete plants.



Derived from the analysis of the particular scope of work, we prepare the appropriate engineering and deliver the necessary equipment.


Our service starts with the examination of the raw materials, goes about the process-engineering, the design and construction of the plant and ends with the commissioning. Afterwards we assist our customers even during the operation of the plant.


In addition, we advise and attend to our customers in optimizing the production and in the maintenance and repair of facilities.


For the realization of complex services, we combine the competence of our partners. That means for our customers for all plant sections the best technology, but still only one partner for the project.




Projects for Cement Industry:

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