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Project Deutzen / Germany

In July 2017 received the ZEMDES GmbH from the ARE Deutzen GmbH the contract to replace an existing rotary kiln with a new one. The new rotary kiln has a diameter of 2,0 m and is 12,9 m long. In the rotary kiln excavated soil and mineral substances are thermally treated. The surface of the rotary kiln is made entirely of stainless steel. Compared to the existing rotary kiln, the new rotary kiln is equipped with a pneumatic outlet seal and motorized longitudinal kiln guidance. The dismantling of the old rotary kiln and assembly of the new one will take place in February and March 2018. The commissioning is scheduled for the end of March 2018.


The rotary kiln is manufactured by Thyrolf & Uhle GmbH. The disassembly and assembly is carried out by Schöneich & Co. GmbH. These companies and also the ZEMDES GmbH belong to the "CemTop" network.

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